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Year 1

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Aesop's Fables

We read some of Aesop's fables and filled the table below with information about each one.

We also wrote and illustrated our own fables. You can read them here.


Our own fables



Title of   Fable Characters Setting Plot Moral of the story
Lion and the mouse



 in the woods


 The lion caught the mouse. The mouse said, "Please don't eat me. I will help you one day". The lion laughed but he let him go. One day the lion was captured in a net by hunters. The mouse saved him by chewing on the rope.

Little friends are just as important as big friends.


If you do something kind for someone, they'll do something kind back.

The hare and the tortoise



 outside on a path and up a hill


 The hare said to the tortoise that he could beat everyone. The tortoise said, "All right then. Let's have a race". The rabbit was winning so he decided to have a break. He fell asleep. The tortoise passed the hare and he won the race. Slow and steady wins the race.
The fox and the goat



 in the well


 A fox was stuck down a well. A goat came to have a drink. The fox said, "The water is nice. Jump in". The goat jumped in and he had a drink. The fox said to the goat, "Lean up and I will climb on your back and jump out and then I will help you out". The goat agreed and did what the fox said. The fox jumped out but he lied. He didn't keep the promise. He didn't help the goat out of the well.

You should always keep your promise.



Be careful not to be tricked.


Look before you leap.

 The wind and the sun






 The wind and the sun were having an argument. They saw a man down below.  They agreed that the one who could make the man take his coat off must be the stronger.  The wind tried to blow the man's coat off but the man only held it more tightly. Then the sun tried. It beamed brighter and brighter until the man took off his coat. The sun was stronger than the wind. It's better to persuade somebody to do something than to use force.
The dog and the bone  dog

 on a bridge over a stream


 A dog stole a bone from the butcher shop. He wanted to eat it in peace so he went to a bridge. As he was crossing the bridge he stopped and looked into the water. He saw another dog with a bigger bone. He wanted that bone so he barked at the other dog.  The bone fell out of his mouth. When the water stopped moving he knew that the other dog was himself and he realized that he had been greedy.

Don't be greedy.


Be content with what you have.

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